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租赁合同LEASE CONTRACT出租方(甲方)Lessor (hereinafter referred to as Party A) :承租方(乙方)Lessee (hereinafter referred to as Party B) :  根据国家有关法律、法规和有关规定,甲、乙双方在平等自愿的基础上,经友好协商一致,就甲方将其合法拥有的房屋出租给乙方使用,乙方承租使用甲方房屋事宜,订立本合同。In accordance with relevant Chinese laws 、decrees and pertinent rules and regulations ,Party A and Party B have reached an agreement through friendly consultation to conclude the following 一、 物业地址 Location of the premises甲方将其所有的位于上海市_________区____________________________________的房屋及其附属设施在良好状态下出租给乙方___________使用。Party A will lease to Party B the premises and attached facilities all owned by Party A itself, which is located at _______________________________________ __________________________ and in good condition for_____________ .二、 房屋面积 Size of the premises出租房屋的登记面积为_________平方米(建筑面积)。The registered size of the leased premises is_________square meters (Gross size).三、 租赁期限 Lease term租赁期限自_______年___月___日起至_______年___月___日止,为期___年,甲方应于_______年___月___日将房屋腾空并交付乙方使用。The lease term will be from _____(month) _____(day) _______(year) to ________(month) _____(day) _______(year). Party A will clear the premises and provide it to Party B for use before _____(month) _____(day) _______(year).四、 租金 数额:双方商定租金为每月人民币_____________元整, 乙方以___________形式支付给甲方 。Amount: the rental will be ____________per Party B will pay the rentalto Party A in the form of ____________in 租金按_____月为壹期支付;第一期租金于_______年_____月_____日以前付清;以后每期租金于每月的______日以前缴纳,先付后住(若乙方以汇款形式支付租金,则以汇出日为支付日,汇费由汇出方承担)。甲方收到租金后予书面签收。Payment of rental will be one installment everymonth(s). The first installment will be paid before_______(month)______(day)__________(year). Each successive installment will be paid_____________each Party B will pay the rental before using the premises and attached facilities (In case Party B pays the rental in the form of remittance, the date of remitting will be the day of payment and the remittance fee will be borne by the ) Party A will issue a written receipt after receiving the 如乙方逾期支付租金超过十天,则每天以月租金的%支付滞纳金;如乙方逾期支付租金超过十五天,则视为乙方自动退租,构成违约,甲方有权收回房屋,并追究乙方违约责任。In case the rental is more than ten working days overdue, Party B will pay percent of monthly rental as overdue fine every day, if the rental be paid 15 days overdue, Party B will be deemed to have with drawn from the premises and breach the In this situation, Party A has the right to take back the premises and take actions against party B's 五、 保证金 为确保房屋及其附属设施之安全与完好,及租赁期内相关费用之如期结算,乙方同意于______年_____月_____日前支付给甲方保证金人民币 _________元整,甲方在收到保证金后予以书面签收。Guarantying the safety and good conditions of the premises and attached facilities and account of relevant fees are settled on schedule during the lease term, party B will pay _________to party A as a deposit before _____(month) _____(day) _______(year). Party A will issue a written receipt after receiving the 除合同另有约定外,甲方应于租赁关系消除且乙方迁空、点清并付清所有应付费用后的当天将保证金全额无息退还乙方。Unless otherwise provided for by this contract, Party A will return full amount of the deposit without interest on the day when this contract expires and party B clears the premises and has paid all due rental and other 因乙方违反本合同的规定而产生的违约金、损坏赔偿金和其它相关费用,甲方可在保证金中抵扣,不足部分乙方必须在接到甲方付款通知后十日内补足。In case party B breaches this contract, party A has right to deduct the default fine, compensation for damage or any other expenses from the deposit . In case the deposit is not sufficient to cover such items, Party B should pay the insufficiency within ten days after receiving the written notice of payment from Party 六、 甲方义务 Obligations of Party 甲方须按时将房屋及附属设施(详见附件)交付乙方使用。Party A will provide the premises and attached facilities (see the appendix of furniture list for detail) on schedule to Party B for 房屋设施如因质量原因、自然损耗或灾害而受到损坏,甲方有修缮并承担相关费用的责任。In case the premise and attached facilities are damaged by quality problems, natural damages or disasters, Party A will be responsible to repair and pay the relevant 甲方应确保出租的房屋享有出租的权利,反之如乙方权益因此遭受损害,甲方应负赔偿责任。Party A will guarantee the lease right of the Otherwise, Party A will be responsible to compensate Party B's 七、 乙方义务 Obligations of Party 乙方应按合同的规定按时支付定金、租金及保证金。Party B will pay the rental, the deposit and other expenses on 乙方经甲方同意,可在房屋内添置设备。租赁期满后,乙方将添置的设备搬走,并保证不影响房屋的完好及正常使用。Party B may decorate the premises and add new facilities with Party A's When this contract expires, Party B may take away the added facilities which are removable without changing the good conditions of the premises for normal 未经甲方同意,乙方不得将承租的房屋转租或分租,并爱护使用该房屋如因乙方过失或过错致使房屋及设施受损,乙方应承担赔偿责任。Party B will not transfer the lease of the premises or sublet it without Party A's approval and should take good care of the Otherwise, Party B will be responsible to compensate any damages of the premises and attached facilities caused by its fault and 乙方应按本合同规定合法使用该房屋,不得擅自改变使用性质。乙方不得在该房屋内存放危险物品。否则,如该房屋及附属设施因此受损,乙方应承担全部责任。 Party B will use the premises lawfully according to this contract without changing the nature of the premises and storing hazardous materials in Otherwise, Party B will be responsible for the damages caused by 乙方应承担租赁期内的水、电、煤气、电讯、收视费、等一切因实际使用而产生的费用,并按单如期缴纳。Party B will bear the cost of utilities such as communications, water, electricity, gas, management fee on time during the lease 八、 合同终止及解除的规定 Termination and dissolution of the 乙方在租赁期满后如需退租或续租,应提前两个月通知甲方,由双方另行协商退租或续租事宜。在同等条件下乙方享有优先续租权。Within two months before the contract expires, Party B will notify Party A if it intends to extend the In this situation, two parties will discuss matters over the 租赁期满后,乙方应在当天将房屋交还甲方;任何滞留物,如未取得甲方谅解,均视为放弃,任凭甲方处置,乙方决无异议。When the lease term expires, Party B will return the premises and attached facilities to Party A within Any belongings left in it without Party A's previous understanding will be deemed to be abandoned by Party In this situation, Party A has the right to dispose of it and Party A will raise no 本合同一经双方签字后立即生效;未经双方同意,不得任意终止,如有未尽事宜,甲、乙双方可另行协商。This contract will be effective after being signed by both Any party has no right to terminate this contract without another party's Anything not covered in this contract will be discussed separately by both parties九、 违约及处理 Breach of the 甲、乙双方任何一方在未征得对方谅解的情况下,不履行本合同规定条款,导致本合同中途中止,则视为该方违约,双方同意违约金为人民币___________元整,若违约金不足弥补无过错方之损失,则违约方还需就不足部分支付赔偿金。During the lease term, any party who fails to fulfill any article of this contract without the other party's understanding will be deemed to breach the Both parties agree that the default fine will In case the default fine is not sufficient to cover the loss suffered by the faultless party, the party in breach should pay additional compensation to the other 若双方在执行本合同或与本合同有关的事情时发生争议,应首先友好协商;协商不成,可向有管辖权的人民法院提**讼。本合同一经双方签字后立即生效;未经双方同意,不得任意终止,如有未尽事宜,甲、乙双方可另行协商。Both parties will solve the disputes arising from execution of the contract or in connection with the contract through friendly In case the agreement cannot be reached, any party may summit the dispute to the court that has the jurisdiction over the 十、 其他 本合同附件是本合同的有效组成部分,与本合同具有同等法律效力。Any annex is the integral part of this The annex and this contract are equally 本合同壹式贰份,甲、乙双方各执一份。There are 2 originals of this Each party will hold 1 original(s) 甲、乙双方如有特殊约定,可在本款另行约定:Other special terms will be listed bellows:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________甲 方:Party A证件号码:ID No联络地址:Address电 话:Tel:代 理 人:Representative:日 期:Date: