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      繁荣昌盛thriving and prosperous
    爱不释手fondle admiringly
    爱财如命skin a flea for its hide 
    爱屋及乌love me,love my dog He that loves the tree loves the branch
    安居乐业live and work in peace and contentment
    白手起家build up from nothing
    百里挑一one in hundred
    百折不挠be indomitable
    半途而废give up halfway leave sth。
       Unfinished 包罗万象all-embracing all-inclusive 饱经风霜weather-beaten 卑躬屈膝bow and scrape cringe 悲欢离合vicissitudes of life 背道而驰run counter to run in the opposite direction 本末倒置put the cart before the horse 笨鸟先飞the slow need to start early 必由之路the only way 闭关自守close the country to international intercourse 变本加厉be further intensified 变化无常chop and change fantasticality 变化无常chop and change fantasticality 别开生面having sth。
       New 别有用心have ulterior motives 彬彬有礼refined and courteous urbane 兵不厌诈in war nothing is too deceitful 博古通今erudite and informed 不败之地incincible position 不耻下问feel not ashamed to learn from one's subordinates 不可救药be past praying for beyond redemption 不劳而获reap where one has not sown 不屈不挠fortitude indefatigability perseverance persevere tenacity 不速之客crasher uninvited guest 不同凡响outstanding 不言而喻speak for itself tell its own story tell its own tale went without saying 不遗余力spare no effort spare no pains 不以为然not approve object to 不义之财filthy lucre filthy pelf the mammon of unrighteousness 不亦乐乎extremely 不远千里go to the trouble of travelling a long distance 不约而同happen to coincide 不择手段by any kind of means by hook or crook play hard by fair means or foul 不知所措be at a loss be all adrift lose one's head out of one's wits 才疏学浅have little talent and learning 惨绝人寰extremely cruel 沧海桑田time brings a great change to the worlds 沧海一粟/九牛一毛a drop in the bucket 草木皆兵a state of extreme nervousness 层出不穷emerge in endlessly 层峦迭嶂peaks over peaks 察言观色 doingandsaying姹紫嫣红very beautiful flowers 畅行无阻checkless 车水马龙heavy traffic 沉默寡言taciturnity 称心如意well-content 趁热打铁strike while iron is hot Hold a wolf the iron is hot 成群结队gang horde 诚惶诚恐with reverence and awe 诚心诚意sincere desire 承上启下a connecting link between the preceding and the following 吃苦耐劳tough 吃里扒外live on sb。
       while helping others secretly 痴心妄想、胡思乱想wishful thinking 持之以恒preserve 叱咤风云ride the whirlwind 愁眉苦脸pull a long face snoot 愁眉苦脸的,愁眉苦脸地woebegone 、morosely 臭名远扬,臭名昭著flagrancy, notorious 出乎意料unexpected 出口成章have an outstanding eloquence 出类拔萃,鹤立鸡群fill the bill supereminence 出谋划策give counsel suggest 出奇制胜 asurpriseaction出生入死go through fire and water 触类旁通comprehend by analogy 垂头丧气,无精打采 down in the mouth lose one's spirits with the tail between the legs 垂头丧气的blue about the gills crestfallen downhearted 绰绰有余more than sufficient 此起彼伏as one falls,another rises 从容不迫go easy take one's time 从容不迫的leisured unhurried 从容不迫地by easy stages 粗枝大叶careless slapdash sloppy 粗枝大叶的broad-brush 措手不及unaware unprepared 错综复杂、扑朔迷离 anfractuosity 错综复杂的anfractuous daedal reticula sinuous 打草惊蛇act rashly and alert the enemy 大材小用waste one's talent on a petty job 大公无私selfless 大海捞针look for a needle in a bottle of hay 大惑不解be extremely puzzled 大惊小怪a storm in a teacup 、foofaraw 、fuss 、like a hen with one chicken 大惊小怪的spoffish 大快人心affording general satisfaction 大名鼎鼎famous well known 大器晚成great minds mature slowly 大千世界the boundless universe 大失所望greatly disappointed 大同小异largely identical but with minor differences 大显身手、大显神通strut one's stuff 大言不惭、夸夸其谈fanfaronade rodomontade 大义凛然inspiring awe by upholding justice 大义灭亲place righteousness above family loyalty 大智若愚Still waters run deep。
       An empty vessel makes the most sound Still water runs deep 呆若木鸡dumbstruck transfixed 待人接物the ways one gets along with others 殚思极虑rack one's brains 胆小如鼠cannot say boh to a goose 胆战心惊的funky 淡泊明志not seek fame and wealth 道貌岸然be sanctimonious 得过且过drift along muddle along 得天独厚的advantaged 得心应手handy with facility 得意忘形、得意洋洋 bloat get dizzy with success 得意洋洋elated、 elation、 exaltation、 jauntiness 得意扬扬ride high 得意洋洋的cock-a-hoop、 high-blown 、perky 得意扬扬的triumphant 德才兼备have both ability and moral integrity 德高望重sainted 、 saintlike 登峰造极reach the limit reach the peak of perfection 地大物博vast territory and abundant resources 颠倒黑白、颠倒是非、 混淆是非call white black、 swear black is white 颠三倒四confused disorderly 雕虫小技insignificant skill 调兵遣将move forces 调虎离山lure the enemy away from his base 掉以轻心treat sth。
       Lightly 喋喋不休blat 、cackle 、chackle 、harp、 harp on、 jaw-jaw 、rattle 、twitter、 wag 顶天立地of indomitable spirit 东施效颦blind imitation with ludicrous effection 东山再起bob up like a cork 独具匠心show originality 独树一帜develop a school of one's own 独一无二in a class by oneself 独一无二的unique 、unmatched、 unparalleled 度日如年one day seems like a year 断章取义garble 、quote out of context 对牛弹琴whistle jigs to a milestone 、Cast pearls before swine 对症下药suit the remedy to the case 多才多艺versatility 多才多艺的accomplished 、all-round 、allround 、miscellaneous、 versatile 多愁善感sensitivity、sentimentality 多愁善感的moonstruck 、spoony 多此一举bring owls to Athens、 hold a candle to the sun 多多益善the more the better 咄咄逼人aggressive 脱胎换骨thoroughly remould oneself 阿谀奉承、趋炎附势greasiness 恩将仇报、以怨报德 、忘恩负义 bite the hand that feeds one 尔虞我诈each trying to cheat the other 发人深省的thought-provoking 发人深省set people thinking 发扬光大carry forward 翻山越岭tramp over hill and dale 翻天覆地world-shaking 泛滥成灾overrun 飞黄腾达、青云直上come into one's kingdom、 rise in the world strike oil 飞黄腾达的successful 飞禽走兽birds and beasts 废寝忘食forget food and sleep 分道扬镳part company,each going his own way 分化瓦解disintegrate 、divide and demoralize 分门别类classify 纷至沓来come in a continuous stream 纷至沓来的thick as hail 奋不顾身dash ahead regardless of one's safety 愤愤不平be indignant 愤世嫉俗的cynical 丰富多彩rich and colorful 丰功伟绩great achievement 丰衣足食have ample food and clothing 风花雪月sentimental writings of the exploiting classes 风马牛不相及be totally unrelated 风靡一时be the rage 风平浪静calm 风起云涌like a rising wind and scudding clouds 风雨同舟stand together regardless of situation 风雨无阻in all weathers 锋芒毕露make a showy display of one's abilities 蜂涌而来pour 逢场作戏join in the fun on occasion 逢凶化吉trun ill luck into good 奉公守法law-abiding 敷衍了事make short shrift of 、palter、 scuffle 釜底抽薪take a drastic measure to deal with a situation 赴汤蹈火、出生入死go through fire and water 富丽堂皇magnificence 覆水难收spilt water cannot be gathered up again 、It is no use crying over spilt milk 。


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  •   一些有趣的成语翻译
        一箭双雕 to kill two birds with one stone 
      趁热打铁 to strike while the iron is hot 
      火上加油 to pour oil on the flame 
      晴天霹雳 like a bolt from the blue 
      浑水摸鱼 to fish in the troubled water 
      轻如鸿毛 as light as a feather 
      空中楼阁 castle in the air 
      破釜沉舟 to burn the boat 
      如履薄冰 to be on the thin ice 
       守口如瓶 as dumb as an oyster; as silent as the graves; as close as wax 
      一贫如洗 as poor as a Church mouse 
      健壮如牛 as strong as a horse 
      血流如注 to bleed like a pig 
       to wake a sleeping dog 打草惊蛇 
       to cast pearls before swine 对牛弹琴 
       to paint the lily 画蛇添足 
       to help a lame dog over a stile 雪中送炭 
       as easy as falling off a log 易如反掌 
       in a pig’s whisper 低声地;顷刻间 
       hang on somebody’s sleeve 依赖某人 
       to be full of beans 精神旺盛 
       to get cold feet 感到怀疑、害怕或胆怯 
       a skeleton at the feast 扫兴的人或东西 
      粗枝大叶 to be crude and careless 
      扬眉吐气 to feel proud and elated 
      无孔不入 to take advantage of every weakness 
      大张旗鼓 on a large and spectacular scale 
      风雨飘摇 (of a situation)being 毛遂自荐 to volunteer one’s service (毛遂——战国时期人名) 
      初出茅庐 at the beginning of one’s career (出自《三国演义》的典故) 
      东施效颦 crude imitation with ludicrous effect (东施——古代一丑女的名字) 
      南柯一梦 a fond dream or illusory joy (南柯——古代传说的梦中地名) 
      四面楚歌 to be besieged on all sides (楚——战国时期的地名) 
       Catch-22 situation 不可逾越的障碍(源自美国作家约瑟夫·赫勒的小说Catch-22) 
       a Spartan look 简朴的; 艰苦的 (古希腊斯巴达人以简朴和不畏艰辛著称) 
       a Trojan Horse 内* (古希腊传说中,在特洛伊战争时希腊人做的木马) 
       the heel of Achilles 致命的弱点 (古希腊传说中的阿基里斯,除脚踵外全身刀枪不入) 
       Gordian Knot 难题;僵局 (古希腊传说中人物)。


    2006-07-23 08:31:01


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