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    2018-03-09 15:23:12
  • The year 2008 is around the corner and the Olympic Games is apaching. All walks of life are celebrating its coming in different ways. All the ways proved the enthusiasm of Chinese in our greeting O...


    The year 2008 is around the corner and the Olympic Games is approaching. All walks of life are celebrating its coming in different ways. All the ways proved the enthusiasm of Chinese in our greeting Olympic Games.
    The goal of the campaign is to spread the Olympic spirit and promote the theme of "Green Olympics, Hi-Tech Olympics and People's Olympics". Thus a great number of students in the street call on people to protect the environment and reduce human waste. In addition, many Chinese are paying efforts to learning English, especially in Beijing; even the aged men are learning English. Therefore foreigners will feel at home in Beijing in language communication. And there are also many volunteers from all over China gathering in Beijing, waiting to make their own contributions to Olympic Games.
    As a college student, I shall set a good example of protecting environment. In addition, I must be ready to help foreigners in trouble. What is more, I ought to participate in activities related to Olympic Games. All in all I should make my own contributions to Olympic Games.
    Nowadays, for the various competitions such as beauty contest are spread everywhere, many people may be confused whether the competition is more important than the friendship. And there is no consensus among the people as to the view of what is more important.
    Some people hold the idea that competition is more important. A case in point is that competition can give them a high reputation. On the other hand, others may have a quite different view. According to them, friendship is more important. The most typical example is that they can make more friends during the competition.
    Weighing the pros and cons of these arguments, I am inclined to agree with the latter. Firstly, we can be acquainted with many people. Secondly, in our life, friends play an significant role while the reputation which we have earned from the competition is just like something floating in the air, you can never catch it. So friendship is more important than competition.
    In such a civilized country where morality is highly regarded, have you ever witnessed those immoral behaviors that still existed in public? Actually, there are, and common - such as littering everywhere, smoking in public, speaking rudely and so on.
    A variety of reasons attribute to this phenomenon, and maybe the most vital one is - people who are juggling their life put highest priority on their own interests, indifferent to other people's benefits. They care how to make themselves comfortable, but don't care whether their immoral behaviors would make other people uncomfortable. Hence, littering is OK - as not in their own house; smoking in public is OK - as not affecting their own family members; speaking rudely is OK - as not to their own friends. Consequently, the emotion tie connecting people is no longer secure.
    To eliminate this phenomenon, a harmonious society should be proposed - one should respect and take the initiative to help others, and consciously learn to protect the environment. In such a manner, we can make the world a more preferable place to live.
    All the residents in our community, please be attention! Since there are so many pets, we can see pet waste everywhere, which is so hard to remove. For this matter, we require that pets should be strictly restricted. The following are the details you should keep in heart.
    Firstly, you should license your pet at the relative authority. Secondly, you have to have your pet vaccinated against rabies by a veterinarian within 30 days after it reaches 4 months of age and revaccinated within 1 year of the initial vaccination. Thirdly, always keep your pet sanitary and healthy.
    We have sensible reasons to do so. Pet waste, which contains harmful bacteria and organisms, can spread disease. What's more, rabies is such a kind of disease that can easily affect through pet itself, and even lead to death. Hence, every pet owner should consciously take good care of your pet in a right way.


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    成人可以学爵士舞。不过对柔软度的拒绝比较大。  不论跳什么舞,如果要跳得美,身体的柔软度必须要好,否则无法充分发挥出理应的线条美感,爵士舞也不值得注意。在展开暖身的弯曲动作必须注意,不适合在身体肌肉未几乎和暖前用弹振形式来做弯曲,否则更容易弄巧反拙,骨折肌肉。用静态方式弯曲较安全,不过也较必须耐性。柔软度的锻炼动作之幅度更不该超过疼痛的地步,肌肉有向上的感觉即可,动作(角度)保持的时间可由10馀秒至30-40秒平均,时间愈长对肌肉及关节附近的联结的组织之负荷也愈高。