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    2018-01-09 10:24:47
  • Jack is a twenty-year-old young man. Two years ago, when he finished middle school, he found work in a shop. Usually he works until ten o'clock in the evening. He is very tired when he gets home. Afte...


    Jack is a twenty-year-old young man. Two years ago, when he finished middle school, he found work in a shop. Usually he works until ten o'clock in the evening. He is very tired when he gets home. After a quick supper he goes to bed and soon falls asleep. His grandma who lives downstairs is satisfied with (满意) him. 
    One day, on his way home, he met Mary. They were both happy. He asked the girl to his house, she agreed happily. He bought some fruit and drinks for her. And they talked about their school, teachers, classmates and their future (未来). They talked for a long time.
    “Have a look at your watch, please,” said the girl. “What time is it now?”
    “Sorry, something is wrong with my watch,” said Jack. “Where's yours?”
    “I left it at home.”
    Jack thought for a moment and found a way. He began to stamp his foot on the floor, “Bang! Bang! Bang!”
    The sound woke his grandma up. The old woman shouted downstairs, “It's twelve o'clock in the night, Jack. Why are you still jumping upstairs?”
    1. Jack was ________ when he finished middle school.
    A. sixteen B. eighteen C. twenty D. fifteen
    2. The old woman is satisfied with Jack because ________.
    A. he's her grandson B. he's clever
    C. he can keep quiet D. he gets home on time
    3. From the story, we can know that Mary is Jack's ________.
    A. classmate B. colleague (同事)
    C. aunt D. wife
    4. The word “stamp” in the story means ______ in Chinese.
    A. 盖印 B. 跺 C. 贴邮票 D. 承认
    5. Jack stamped his foot on the floor in order (为了) ________.
    A. to wake his grandma up
    B. to make his grandma angry
    C. that his grandma was going to tell him the time
    D. that his grandma was going to buy him a watch
    参考答案 : 1.B 2.C 3.A 4.B 5.C
    5.因他表坏了,Mary 又没带,他们想知道时间。
    We are all busy talking about and using the Internet (互联网), but how many of us know the history of the Internet?
    Many people are surprised when they find that the Internet was set up in the 1960s. At that time, computers were large and expensive. Computer networks (网络) didn't work well. If one computer in the network broke down, then the whole network stopped. So a new network system had to be set up. It should be good enough to be used by many different computers. If part of the network was not working, information could be sent through another part. In this way computer network system would keep on working all the time.
    At first the Internet was only used by the government, but, in the early 1970s, universities, hospitals and banks were allowed to use it too. However, computers were still very expensive and the Internet was difficult to use. By the start of the 1990s, computers became cheaper and easier to use. Scientists had also developed software that made 'surfing' (浏览) the Internet more convenient.
    Today it is easy to get on-line (上网) and it is said that millions of people use the Internet everyday. Sending e-mail is more and more popular among students.
    The Internet has now become one of the most important parts of people's life.
    判断下列句子是否符合短文内容,符合的用“T”表示,不符合的用 “F”表示。
    l. The Internet has a history of less than thirty years.
    T F
    2. In the 1960s computer networks went wrong easily.
    T F
    3. Computers become cheaper so that many hospitals and banks were allowed to use them.
    T F
    4. People didn't have enough software to get on-line conveniently until the early 1990s.
    T F
    参考答案: 1.F 2.T 3.F 4.T
    2.文中第二段阐明计算机网络工作状况不好(didn't work well)。
    Mr. and Mrs. Turner live outside a small town. They have a big farm and they are always busy working on it. Their son, Peter, studied at a middle school. The young man studied hard and did well in his lessons. It made them happy.
    Last month Peter finished middle school and passed the entrance examination (升学考试). Mrs. Turner was very happy and told the farmers about it.
    Yesterday morning the woman went to the town to buy something for her son. On the bus she told one of her friends how clever and able her son was. She spoke very loudly. All the people in the bus began to listen to her.
    “Which university (大学) will your son study in?” a woman next to her asked.
    “In the most famous university in our country!” Mrs. Turner said happily.
    “The most famous university?”
    “Oxford University (牛津).”
    Most of the passengers (乘客) looked at her carefully. Some of them said to her, “Congratulations!”
    A woman said, “I'm sure he'll know Fred Smith.”
    “Who's Fred Smith?”
    “He's my son.”
    “Does he study in the university, too?”
    “No, ”said the woman. “He is one of the professors.”
    l. The story happened in ________.
    A. America B. France C. Germany D. England
    2. Mr. and Mrs. Turner were happy because ________.
    A. their son did well in his lessons
    B. they have a big farm
    C. they have a good harvest
    D. their son studied at a middle school
    3. Mrs. Turner wanted everyone to know ________.
    A. her son finished middle school
    B. her son was handsome
    C. her son was going to study in a university
    D. her son was very friendly to others
    4. Mrs. Turner spoke so loudly in the bus that __________.
    A. her friend could hear her
    B. all the people could hear her
    C. she hoped to make all the people happy
    D. she hoped they would say congratulations to her
    5. Which of the following is true? __________.
    A. The woman wasn't interested in Mrs. Turner's words
    B. Mrs. Turner knew nothing about the famous university
    C. The woman wanted to stop Mrs. Turner from showing off (炫耀)
    D. The woman next to Mrs. Turner wanted to show off her son, too
    参考答案 : 1.D 2.A 3.C 4.B 5.C
    5.文章前面做了铺垫,讲Mrs.Turner 如何炫耀她儿子考上大学,结尾讲那个妇女说自己的儿子是教授不论真假,她是在阻止Mrs. Turner的炫耀。
    “Cool” is a word with many meanings. Its old meaning is used to express a temperature that is a little bit cold. As the world has changed, the word has had many different meanings.
    “Cool” can be used to express feelings of interest in almost anything. When you see a famous car in the street, maybe you will say “It's cool.”You may think, “He's so cool,” when you see your favourite footballer.
    We all maximize (扩大) the meaning of “cool”. You can use it instead of many words such as “new” or “surprising”. Here's an interesting story we can use to show the way the word is used. A teacher asked her students to write about the waterfall (瀑布) they had visited. On one student's paper was just the one sentence, “It's so cool”. Maybe he thought it was the best way to show what he saw and felt.
    But the story also shows a scarcity (缺乏) of words. Without “cool”, some people have no words to show the same meaning. So it is quite important to keep some credibility (可信性). Can you think of many other words that make your life as colourful as the word “cool”? I can. And I think they are also very cool.
    1. We know that the word “cool” has ________.
    A. only one meaning B. no meanings
    C. many different meanings D. the same meaning
    2. In the passage, the word “express” means“________”.
    A. see B. show C. know D. feel
    3. If you are ________ something, you may say, “It's cool.”
    A. interested in B. angry about
    C. afraid of D. unhappy with
    4. The writer takes an example to show he is _________ the way the word is used.
    A. pleased with B. strange to
    C. worried about D. careful with
    5. In the passage, the writer suggests (暗示) that the word “cool”_________.
    A. can be used instead of many words
    B. usually means something interesting
    C. can make your life colourful
    D. may not be as cool as it seems
    参考答案 : 1.C 2.B 3.A 4.C 5.D
    4.由例子中的学生用cool 一词概括出他的所有感受,知cool词义的扩大会导致语言中词汇的缺乏,是令人担忧的。
    参考答案 : 1. A 2. D 3. A 4. D 5. C
    1. 由短文最后一句“They had travelled 1,797 kilometres from London”可知,最接近“for nearly 1,800 kilometres”,因此选A。
    2. 由短文第2段倒数第3句“So they were able to change its weight”可知答案为D。
    3. 从第3段可以看出,越往上温度越低,因此应选A。
    4. 由短文最后一段倒数第2句“They came down in Poland...”可知答案为D。
    5. 纵观全文可以看出答案C不正确。
    If you do not use your arms or your legs for some time, they become weak; when you start using them again, they slowly become strong again. Everybody knows that. Yet many people do not seem to know that memory works in the same way.
    When someone says that he has a good memory, he really means that he keeps his memory in practice by using it. When someone else says that his memory is poor, he really means that he does not give it enough chance to become strong.
    If a friend says that his arms and legs are weak, we know that it is his own fault. But if he tells us that he has a poor memory, many of us think that his parents are to blame, and few of us know that it is just his own fault.
    Have you ever found that some people can' t read or write but usually they have better memories? This is because they cannot read or write and they have to remember things; they cannot write them down in a little notebook. They have to remember days, names, songs and stories; so their memory is the whole time being exercised.
    So if you want to have a good memory, learn from the people: practise remembering.
    1. The main reason for one's poor memory is that his parents have poor memories.
    T F
    2. If you don't use your arms or legs for some time, they will become strong.
    T F
    3. A good memory comes from more practice.
    T F
    4. Some people can't read or write, but they have better memories, because they have saved trouble.
    T F
    5. The best title of this passage is “How to Have a Good Memory”.
    参考答案: 1. F 2. F 3. T 4. F 5. T
    1. 文中没有此说法。 2. 从第一段可判断。
    3. 第二段开头已说明。 4. 第四段开头已说明。
    5. 最后一段点题。




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    目前我们的生活水平必竟非同以往.吃得好休息得好,能量消耗慢,食欲比较旺盛,活动又少,不知不觉脂肪堆积开始胖啦。                                                                                         减肥诀窍:一.注意调整生活习惯,二。科学合理饮食结构,三。坚持不懈适量运动。    具体说来:不要暴饮暴食。宜细嚼慢咽。忌辛辣油腻,清淡为好。多喝水,多吃脆平果青香焦,芹菜,冬瓜,黄瓜,罗卜,番茄,既助减肥,又益养颜,两全其美! 有减肥史或顽固型症状则需经药物治疗. 如有其他问题,请发电子邮件:jiaoaozihao53@ .或新浪QQ: 1


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    关于三国武将的排名在玩家中颇有争论,其实真正熟读三国的人应该知道关于三国武将的排名早有定论,头十位依次为: 头吕(吕布)二赵(赵云)三典韦,四关(关羽)五许(许楮)六张飞,七马(马超)八颜(颜良)九文丑,老将黄忠排末位。 关于这个排名大家最具疑问的恐怕是关羽了,这里我给大家细细道来。赵云就不用多说了,魏军中七进七出不说武功,体力也是超强了。而枪法有六和之说,赵云占了个气,也就是枪法的鼻祖了,其武学造诣可见一斑。至于典韦,单凭他和许楮两人就能战住吕布,武功应该比三英中的关羽要强吧。 其实单论武功除吕布外大家都差不多。论战功关羽斩颜良是因为颜良抢军马已经得手正在后撤,并不想与人交手,没想到赤兔马快,被从后背赶上斩之;文丑就更冤了,他是受了委托来招降关羽的,并没想着交手,结果话没说完关羽的刀就到了。只是由于过去封建统治者的需要后来将关羽神话化了,就连日本人也很崇拜他,只不过在日本的关公形象是扎着日式头巾的。 张飞、许楮、马超的排名比较有意思,按理说他们斗得势均力敌都没分出上下,而古人的解释是按照他们谁先脱的衣服谁就厉害!有点搞笑呦。十名以后的排名笔者忘记了,好象第11个是张辽。最后需要说明的是我们现在通常看到的《三国演义》已是多次修改过的版本,笔者看过一套更早的版本,有些细节不太一样。


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    确实没有偿还能力的,应当与贷款机构进行协商,宽展还款期间或者分期归还; 如果贷款机构起诉到法院胜诉之后,在履行期未履行法院判决,会申请法院强制执行; 法院在受理强制执行时,会依法查询贷款人名下的房产、车辆、证券和存款;贷款人名下没有可供执行的财产而又拒绝履行法院的生效判决,则有逾期还款等负面信息记录在个人的信用报告中并被限制高消费及出入境,甚至有可能会被司法拘留。


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    第一步:教育引导 不同年龄阶段的孩子“吮指癖”的原因不尽相同,但于力认为,如果没有什么异常的症状,应该以教育引导为首要方式,并注意经常帮孩子洗手,以防细菌入侵引起胃肠道感染。 第二步:转移注意力 比起严厉指责、打骂,转移注意力是一种明智的做法。比如,多让孩子进行动手游戏,让他双手都不得闲,或者用其他的玩具吸引他,还可以多带孩子出去游玩,让他在五彩缤纷的世界里获得知识,增长见识,逐渐忘记原来的坏习惯。对于小婴儿,还可以做个小布手套,或者用纱布缠住手指,直接防止他吃手。但是,不主张给孩子手指上“涂味”,比如黄连水、辣椒水等,以免影响孩子的胃口,黄连有清热解毒的功效,吃多了还可导致腹泻、呕吐。


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    成人可以学爵士舞。不过对柔软度的拒绝比较大。  不论跳什么舞,如果要跳得美,身体的柔软度必须要好,否则无法充分发挥出理应的线条美感,爵士舞也不值得注意。在展开暖身的弯曲动作必须注意,不适合在身体肌肉未几乎和暖前用弹振形式来做弯曲,否则更容易弄巧反拙,骨折肌肉。用静态方式弯曲较安全,不过也较必须耐性。柔软度的锻炼动作之幅度更不该超过疼痛的地步,肌肉有向上的感觉即可,动作(角度)保持的时间可由10馀秒至30-40秒平均,时间愈长对肌肉及关节附近的联结的组织之负荷也愈高。


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