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    2018-03-05 14:42:47
  • Seventeen-year-old Mi O'Donnell has been big success in high school. He seemingly has it all, when, right before the championship basketball game, his girlfriend Scarlet Porter finds out that she is...


    Seventeen-year-old Mike O'Donnell has been big success in high school. He seemingly has it all, when, right before the championship basketball game, his girlfriend Scarlet Porter finds out that she is pregnant. In that moment, he makes the decision to throw everything away (including basketball and a chance at a scholarship) and proposes to her. 

    Twenty years later, Mike's life has come to a standstill. Scarlet has separated from him, forcing him to move in with his geeky and wealthy best friend since high school, Ned Gold. His job is going nowhere, and his kids Maggie and Alex want nothing to do with him. While visiting Hayden High School to reminisce about the life he threw away, he encounters a mysterious janitor. On the way home, he sees the janitor standing on the edge of a bridge - apparently about to commit suicide, Mike runs towards him, but his path is blocked momentarily by a passing truck. When he reaches the edge, the janitor is gone, and there is a strange vortex below the bridge. Mike slips and falls into the vortex, blacks out, and awakens back on the bridge. When he gets home, he discovers that he has been magically transformed into his 17-year old self.

    Ned sees Mike in his house, and thinks he is a thief. Ned fights with Mike, as Mike tries to prove he is the real Mike. When Ned tries to hit Mike over the head with a picture of the two of them at their 1989 graduation, he realizes that is the real Mike. Mike then returns to the school to find the janitor that he spoke with the day before and became aware of there being no such person working there. Mike then decides that with Ned posing as his father, Mike enrolls at Hayden High as "Mark Gold". He believes he has been given the chance to live his life over again, "but to do it right". Then he discovers that Maggie is dating the basketball captain Stan, who is bullying Alex. He realizes that his real mission is to help his children, and makes friends with both Alex and Maggie. With "Mark"'s help, Alex gets a place on the basketball team and the girlfriend he desires. "Mark" comforts Maggie when she is dumped by Stan, who was pressuring her for sex. "Mark" also meets Scarlet. He helps her decorate her garden, gaining a new appreciation for her, and dances with her before she goes on a date (to the song that he and Scarlet danced to at their wedding). "Mark" and Scarlet clearly feel a connection as they danced, and are about to kiss, until Alex walks in on them. At first Scarlet seemed uncaring that her son is right there, but then she feels embarrassed and tells "Mark" that she is Alex's mother and that this is inappropriate.

    With "Mark's" help during the basketball game, Alex makes the winning basket. Meanwhile, Ned is attracted to the principal of Hayden High, Jane Masterson. Although his initial attempts to 'peacock' her fail he manages to take her out to dinner. When "Mark" notices the two of them leaving he decides to throw a party at "Ned's" house to celebrate Alex scoring the winning basket and to help him get the girl he likes. During the party Scarlet appears, looking for Alex, and "Mark" tells her that Alex could have a girlfriend by the end of the party and brings her up to the balcony to show her. Ned and Jane soon bond over a love of The Lord Of The Rings. When he takes her back to his house, they discover an out-of-control party raging there. After Maggie tries to have sex with "Mark" Maggie sees Ned and goes looking for "Mark" to warn him and finds Mark with her mother Scarlet. While "Mark" and Scarlet are talking, Mike's feelings for her are reawakened, (especially after she tells him "he's really become a part of the family"). But when he kisses her, she is appalled, and slaps him and calls him a "weirdo little man child" when he chases after her and tries to tell her that he is Mike. This exchange is witnessed by Maggie and her friends, who are all disgusted and slap him too, especially since Maggie has become smitten with "Mark". For cutting his date with Jane short, Ned slaps "Mark" a few times as well.

    The following morning, Ned reminds Mike that it is the date of his divorce hearing with Scarlet. "Mark" appears in court to read a letter from Mike O'Donnell pleading for a second chance. Scarlet is touched by the letter. When she sees that the "letter" is really just a piece of paper with directions on it, she realizes that "Mark" spoke extemporaneously. Later, at the championship game, Mike makes a gesture which she recognizes as his. Realizing the truth about who "Mark" is, and that she is in the same situation as twenty years earlier, she flees the scene. Mike follows, handing the ball to Alex, who goes on to make the winning shot. The janitor catches sight of Mike and changes him back into his adult self. Mike promises Scarlet to spend the rest of his life making it up to her. Scarlet and Mike kiss and reunite.

    In the end, Mike happily reconciles with his family, and becomes the coach of the Hayden High basketball team, while Ned and Ms. Masterson seem to have a "relationship".

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    顺便说一句 除楼主外任何人复制我答案的出门被车撞死~


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    要有经营场所,办理工商登记(办理卫生许可),如果觉得有必要还要到税务局买定额发票,不过奶茶店一般人家消费是不会要发票的巴,要买设备,要联系供应商备一些原料,就好啦,没啥难的,不过要赚钱的话就得选好开店地段。 办理手续的程序(申领个体执照): 1、前往工商所申请办理 2、根据工商所通知(申请办理当场就会给你个小纸条)前往办理名称预核 3、拿到名称预核通知书,办理卫生许可证(前往所在地卫生监督所办理) 4、拿着名称预核通知书和卫生许可证前往工商所核发营业执照。


  • 怎样管理好一个班?

    1、以身作则,如果连自己都做不好,还怎么当班长? 2、人缘好,我就是由于人缘不好,才改当副班长的。 3、团结同学,我们班有一个班长就是由于不团结同学才不当班长的,他现在是体育委员。 4、要有管理能力,首先要有大嗓门,我们班有位学习委员就是由于声音太轻才以3票之差当不了班长;其次要口齿清楚,让同学能听得懂你说的话;第三要说出有道理的话,让吵闹或打架的同学心服口服;第四,不能包庇好朋友,公正;第五,要搞好师生关系;第六,要严以律己,宽以待人,我们班的第一任班长就是因为“严以待人,宽以律己”才不能继续当下去的。 5、要坚持,我们班的纪律委员就是由于没有恒心,原来的大组长、卫生委员、劳动委员、体育委员、学习委员、小组长等(每个学期都加起来)都被免除了,现在的才当1天的纪律委员要不要免除都在考虑中,还要写说明书。 6、提醒班干部做自己要做的事,要有责任心。我们班的纪律委员就是没有责任心,班长的职务都被罢免了。 7、不要拿出班长的架子,要虚心。 8、关心同学(包括学习)。 9、要及早发现问题,自己可以解决的自己解决;自己不能解决的,早日让班主任解决。 10、要发现班级的好的地方,及时表扬。让全班都照做。 11、不要太担心学习,当个班干部,对以后工作有好处,这是个锻炼的机会,好好当吧,加油! 在高中阶段,学校和老师的规定一般都是为了学生的成绩着想,执行老师的话,其实也是为了大家好。即使有时候打点小报告,只要你的心态的好的,也不是坏事。比如A学习不专心,你用个适当的办法提醒老师去关心他,其实也是为了他好。 总的方针:和同学们组成一个团结的班集体,一切以班集体利益为上(当然不冲突国家、社会和学校利益为前提)。跟上面领导要会说话,有一些不重要的东西能满就满,这对你的同学好,也对你的班好。 再说十五点 一,以德服人 也是最重要的,不靠气势,只靠气质,首先要学会宽容(very important)你才能与众不同,不能和大家“同流合污”(夸张了点),不要有这样的想法:他们都怎么样怎样,我也。如果你和他们一样何来让你管理他们,你凭什么能管理他们? 二,无亲友 说的绝了点,彻底无亲友是不可能,是人都有缺点,有缺点就要有朋友帮助你。不是说,不要交友,提倡交友,但是不能把朋友看的太重,主要不能对朋友产生依赖感,遇到事情先想到靠自己,而不是求助! 三,一视同仁 上边说的无亲友也是为了能更好的能一视同仁,无论是什么关系,在你眼里都应是同学,可能比较难作到,但没有这点,就不可能服众。 四,不怕困难 每个班级里都会一些不听话的那种,喜欢摆谱的那种,不用怕,他们是不敢怎么样的!知难而进才是一个班长应该有的作风。 五,带头作用 我想这点大家都有体会就不多说了 六,打成一片 尽量和大家达成共识,没有架子,不自负不自卑,以微笑面对每一个人,不可以有歧视心理,不依赖老师,有什么事情自己解决,老师已经够累的了。 七,“我是班长” 这句话要随时放在心底,但是随时都不要放在嘴上,有强烈的责任心,时刻以班级的荣誉为主,以大家的荣誉为主。什么事情都冲在最前面。遇事镇定。 八,帮助同学 帮助同学不是为了给大家留下一个好的印象等利益方面的事,是你一个班长的责任,是你应该做的,只要你还是一个班长,你就要为人民服务(夸张)为同学服务。 九,诚实守信 大家应该都知道这个,是很容易作到的,也是很不容易作到,然这两句话并不是矛盾的,不是为了建立一个好的形象,和班级责任也没有什么关系,只是一个人应该有的道德品质。但你必须作到,连这样都做不到,就不可能做成一个好的班长。 十,拿的起放的下 学会放弃也同样重要,学会辨别好与坏。知道什么是该做的,什么是不该做的。 十一,谦虚 认真分析同学给你提的意见,不管是有意的,还是无意的。提出来就有他的想法,有他的动机。要作到一日三醒我身。 十二,心态端正 总之要有一个好的心态,积极向上的心态,把事情往好里想,但同时要知道另一面的危机,遇到事情首先想到的应该是解决问题,而不是别的! 十三,合理的运用身边的人和事 主动,先下手为强,遇到不能够管理的,就可以和其他班干部一起对付,实在不行,就迅速找到老师陈述自己的观点,免得他倒打一耙(尽量少打小报告.) 十四,和老师同学搞好关系. 威信可以提高,你说的话老师也比较相信,可以简单一点的拿到老师的一些特殊授权,而这些授权往往对你的帮助很大. 十五,合理的运用自己的权利和魄力 对付难管理的,权利在他的眼中已经不存在的,就运用你的魄力,用心去交流,努力感动身边的人,感动得他们铭记于心,你就成功了. 一点要加油哦


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    确实没有偿还能力的,应当与贷款机构进行协商,宽展还款期间或者分期归还; 如果贷款机构起诉到法院胜诉之后,在履行期未履行法院判决,会申请法院强制执行; 法院在受理强制执行时,会依法查询贷款人名下的房产、车辆、证券和存款;贷款人名下没有可供执行的财产而又拒绝履行法院的生效判决,则有逾期还款等负面信息记录在个人的信用报告中并被限制高消费及出入境,甚至有可能会被司法拘留。


  • 纠正宝宝“吮指癖”有哪些招数?

    第一步:教育引导 不同年龄阶段的孩子“吮指癖”的原因不尽相同,但于力认为,如果没有什么异常的症状,应该以教育引导为首要方式,并注意经常帮孩子洗手,以防细菌入侵引起胃肠道感染。 第二步:转移注意力 比起严厉指责、打骂,转移注意力是一种明智的做法。比如,多让孩子进行动手游戏,让他双手都不得闲,或者用其他的玩具吸引他,还可以多带孩子出去游玩,让他在五彩缤纷的世界里获得知识,增长见识,逐渐忘记原来的坏习惯。对于小婴儿,还可以做个小布手套,或者用纱布缠住手指,直接防止他吃手。但是,不主张给孩子手指上“涂味”,比如黄连水、辣椒水等,以免影响孩子的胃口,黄连有清热解毒的功效,吃多了还可导致腹泻、呕吐。


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    成人可以学爵士舞。不过对柔软度的拒绝比较大。  不论跳什么舞,如果要跳得美,身体的柔软度必须要好,否则无法充分发挥出理应的线条美感,爵士舞也不值得注意。在展开暖身的弯曲动作必须注意,不适合在身体肌肉未几乎和暖前用弹振形式来做弯曲,否则更容易弄巧反拙,骨折肌肉。用静态方式弯曲较安全,不过也较必须耐性。柔软度的锻炼动作之幅度更不该超过疼痛的地步,肌肉有向上的感觉即可,动作(角度)保持的时间可由10馀秒至30-40秒平均,时间愈长对肌肉及关节附近的联结的组织之负荷也愈高。