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i have a dream 演讲稿 最新的


i have a dream 演讲稿 最新的


i have a dream

  • 2010-10-01 11:30:50
      :I HAVE A DREAM演讲稿作者:圣0405清明
    I Have a Dream
    A dream is to a man what wings are to a bird。 With a dream in the deep heart's core, a man is spontaneously driven to hitch his wagon to a star。
       A dream is an inexhaustible source of energy that keeps our enthusiasm burning, and kindles our desire to enhance our spiritual cultivation, refine our character, and upgrade our quality of life。
       A life without a dream is like a bird with broken wings, confined to a cage and oblivious of what lies beyond the range of its vision。
       On the contrary, a man with a dream is like a warrior armed with ambition, foresight and gallantry, daring to step into an unknown domain to make a journey of adventure。
       It is dream that adds fullness, variety, and spice to our life and makes it worth living。 I have a dream。 It is d dream that is deeply rooted in human nature。
       I dream that one day people of all origins can live in harmony and peace without being discriminated against or persecuted。
       The bounty of the earth can be shared by every single human being。 Mutual respect will guarantee the existence and continuation of the diversity of customs and cultures。
       Love, sympathy, and cooperation will alleviate the sufferings and disasters inflicted upon our fellow men。 Respect for basic human rights will put an end to social injustices and evils。
       When my dream comes true, all men will be truly equal, happy, and free。 梦想之于人犹如翅膀之于鸟。在内心深处有了个梦想,一个人很自然地被驱使怀抱远大的理想。梦想是个用之不尽的能源,使我们的热诚炽燃,更点燃我们的欲望去增进我们精神涵养,使我们的品格高尚,并且提升我们的生活品质。
      没有梦想的生命就像折翼之鸟,困于笼中,对于视线以外的天地茫然不知。相反地,有梦想的人就像装备了志向、远见和勇气的战士,敢于踏入一个未知的领域,展开一趟冒险之旅。就是梦想为我们的生命添加了圆满、变化和情趣,并使它活得有价值。 我有一个梦想,这是个深植于人性之中的梦想。
       二、 I have a dream that one day I can do anything what I want to do 。 But what is I want to do? It is simple too 。 I just want to open a flower shop , my own flower shop , a warm and beautiful shop 。
       It is because I like flowers very much and I’m a girl going after romantic 。 I hope that in my shop , there are all kinds of different beautiful flowers such as rose , lily , tulip , violet , carnation , narcissus , lilac , orchid and so on 。
       If I have such a flower shop , my life will be happy and perfect 。 You see , I can wander in the beautiful flowers , I will smile , sing and dance 。
       Each morning the first thing that I do is watering the flowers 。 Every day I preserve a quite and happy mind 。 When I’m tired , I will stop to have a cup of coffee or thin wine , or I can turn the music on and listen some light music , or do some quite reading 。
       Every night I will have a long , sweet and tranquil sleep 。This is an simple , sparkling and easygoing life 。 Perhaps it is not so great , but I like it 。
       And the most important is , it is the very life that I looking forward to 。 我有一个梦想,有一天我能做我所有想做的事。但是什么是我想做的呢?答案很简单。我只想开间花店,我自己的花店,一个温暖而又美丽的花店。
      当我有倦意,我会停下,来杯咖啡或者淡淡的红酒,也许我会打开音乐品味轻柔的乐曲,也许我会轻轻吟读。 每日入夜我都会进入悠长而又宁馨的睡眠。这是简单,闪耀而又随意的生活。也许看起来不是如此伟大,但是为我所衷。最重要的是,这是我所期盼的生活。 三、 I Have a Dream Everyone has a dream。
       I often ask myself。 When I was a little boy, I wanted to be a soldier with a gun so that I could defend our motherland。Now I am a young boy with a new dream——to be a doctor。
       I want to be a famous doctor, helping the sick and saving their lives。 I also saw some people who were suffering and dying of ill-nesses。
       I made up my mind to become a doctor, so that I can help the sick people and cure them of their diseases。 China is a develop-ing country。
       She needs good medicine and good doctors, especially in the countryside and lonely villages。 I want to try my best to help the poor sick people of our country。
       I want to let them have an opportunity to receive excel-lent treatments for their illnesses without having to pay much or any money。
       I'll do every bit to cure the incurable。 I hope to see a world where there is no cancer, no Aids, no fatal diseases。 I'm confident that through the joint efforts of you and me, man will put an end to his bodily sufferings and this dream of mine will one day be brought into reality。
       每个人都有梦想,我常常问我自己,当我还是小男孩时,我想当一名手持枪守卫祖国的士兵。 现在我是个有着梦想的年轻男孩,我想当一名医生,出名的医生,帮助病人拯救他们的性命。 我看见那些生病的和命在旦夕的人,我下定决心要当一名医生,这样我可以帮助病人减轻他们生病的痛苦。
      中国是一个发展中国家,她需要好的医疗和医生,特别是在乡下和偏远的山村。 我要尽我最大的努力去帮助我们国家穷苦的人们,让他们有机会接受好的医疗,而不用花费太多的钱来治他们的病。 我要尽我最大的力来帮助病人,我希望看到一个没有癌症,没有爱滋病,没有严重疾病的世界。
      我相信有了你我的加入,我的愿望/梦想将会实现。 。


    2010-10-01 11:30:50


    2010-10-15 11:42:02
  •   With so much crime taking place in the subway system at night, the subway itself provides criminals a great way to escape the scene of a crime。
       To combat this, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) decided to install high tech security cameras on board certain trains。
       Since it would probably be counterproductive to install new technology onto old subway cars that may soon be obsolete, the MTA decided that it would be cheaper to replace the old cars with completely new cars equipped with cameras。
       The next line of trains to get the car swap will be on New Yorks A line and will cost about $750 million to bring in 340 new subway cars。
       The camera feeds wont be monitored in real-time since they would require too many guards to monitor them, however, once a crime is reported the surveillance footage will be passed along to law enforcement professionals for investigation。
       As of right now, surveillance technology has already been installed as a pilot program in several trains on the E line and the A line should be complete by 2015。
       MTA officials will decide in about six months whether all future subway cars will have built-in camera technology。
      Related Articles Options with Your Outdoor Security News--Surveillance Cameras Should Be Installed in Urban Areas。

    2010-10-15 11:42:02

  • 2010-10-09 09:25:41
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       因有《会计法》第四十二条、第四十三条、第四十四条所列违法情形,被依法吊销会计从业资格证书的人员,自被吊销之日起5年内(含5年)不得参加会计从业资格考试。北京会计培训 因有提供虚假财务会计报告,做假账,隐匿或者故意销毁会计凭证、会计账簿、财务会计报告,贪污、挪用公款,职务侵占等与会计职务有关的违法行为,被依法追究刑事责任的人员,不得参加会计从业资格考试。
       二、免考条件 具备国家教育行政主管部门认可的中专以上(含中专)会计类专业学历(或学位),自毕业起二年内(含两年)免试《会计基础》、《初级会计电算化》(或珠算五级),只参加《财经法规与会计职业道德》科目考试。 会计类专业是指会计学、会计电算化、注册会计师专门化、审计学、财务管理和理财学。
       三、考试教材 考试教材由各省级财政部门分别编写,为体现考试的时效性,一般每年都会有所调整。由于考试大纲是由财政部统一制定的,各省的教材也有一定的通用性。 四、报考手续 报考时,报考人员需携带本人身份证、近期同底片免冠一寸照片二张,到指定报名地点填写相关表格,办理报名手续。
      有条件的地区,要求考生先在网上注册报名,将报名表打印后贴上照片,再到指定报名地点交表、交费办理报名手续。 五、资格认定 考试成绩为滚动管理,考生必须在连续2个考试年度内通过全部科目方为合格。全部考试科目合格后可发放《会计从业资格证书》从事会计工作。
       六、掉转手续 工作流程: 申请 -》受理 -》审核 -》调转登记 -》归档 会计从业资格考试_北京会计培训: 。


    2010-10-09 09:25:41


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